About me…well…I’m John. I like to say I was born in the South and grew up in California. I had a wonderful Tom Sawyer like childhood, attended College and learned very important things, most of which I’m not allowed to expound on due to a strictly sworn code of secrecy.

I’m an artist at heart and photography allows me to explore life in a different light. Whether it’s a candid moment or meticulously staged presentation, I photograph to capture the feeling and emotion that the subject reflects within me.

My Mom says she likes my images so I must be doing something right. Mothers never lie 🙂

Others who know me would confirm that I have a strong work ethic yet believe that work should also be fun and interesting. You’ll quickly find that I have an easy-going demeanor and don’t take myself too seriously.

I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and this is a small sample of images I have shot. From Landscapes to Portraits, Weddings, Commercial Products and Live Concert Events, I enjoy the unique challenges that each one presents.